Saturday, 10 December 2011

Gucci Mane And V Nasty – Baytl 2011 ALBUM REVIEW


Gucci Mane and V NAsty come together to release their new album Baytl.Here is my album review.I will tell my detailed opinion on all the songs from start to finish.This is going to be a bad i know.. oh god please save me !! hahaha. SO LETS GO..

1. Whip Appeal (Feat. P2theLA)

The first track off the track is an average song.V nasty is a white rapper and she is trying too hard to a female EMinem.Damn she sounds wack as hahaha i laughed through the whole track.

MY RATING - 6.5/10

2. Loaded (Feat. Mr. Fab)
This is the 2nd wack track off the song.I didnt hear the full song it is so bad.
V Nasty sounds like LIL BOOSIE.

MY RATING - 5/10

3. Lets Get Faded

I skipped this song..

MY RATING - 5.5/10

4. White Girl

One of the worst songs off the album.

MY RATING - 4/10

5. Push Ups (Feat. Slim Dunkin)

This is according to me the best song off the album.The song has a dope beat and good lyrics.V Nasty is ok.Gucci Mane is good.Slim Dunkin is cool too.The beat makes this song a winner.This should be released as the next single.

Love The track !!

MY RATING - 10/10

6. Food Plug (Feat. Berner)

WAck !!

MY RATING - 4.5/10

7. Out My Circle

Just an average track , nothing great.

MY RATING - 6/10

8. Hate Me Some More

Its seems some 9 year old has produced the beat.The album is getting from to bad to worst with each song.

MY RATING - 3/10

9. Millions Every Month

ANOTHER BAD track.. V nasty should shut the hell up.Her voice irritates me too much.

MY RATING - 5/10

10. Fill My Shoes

Skipped it after 30 secs of listening..

MY RATING - 4/10

11. Fuck You (Feat. Slim Dunkin)

You better not listen this piece of sh*t !!

MY RATING - 2/10

12. Sick Swag

This song has no swag at all.Thank god the album ended.. what a sigh of relief !!
Phew !!

MY RATING - 3.5/10

This is the WORST ALBUM I'VE EVER HEARD IN 5 YEARS.Gucci Mane has gone crazy and in future he will regret for doing this collabo album with V NASTY.And who the hell is V NASTY.She better not rap again.The album is a pain to ears.One should not even spend a single dollar to buy this piece of CRAP.




You are a horrible critic. This is not an album, first of all. It's a mix tape. The first 3 songs on this list are among my fav from this MIX TAPE. Also, V-Nasty is, in my opinion, the BEST female artist without a doubt. She will definitely become famous in the upcoming years, if not, months.

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